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Wrongful Death

Many times, families are left with many questions concerning the cause of death of a loved one. Unfortunately, without the assistance of a lawyer, these grieving family members are often left without any answers in a wrongful death situation. A Personal Injury Lawyer can help you find the answers you need to help get closure. Apart from medical and funeral expenses, the loss of a loved one can seriously damage a family both emotionally and economically. Many families can be left without a breadwinner who was responsible for earning income to pay mortgage or rent along with the neccesities to survive. This can have a devastating impact on a family causing further injury.

Sullivan Trial Lawyers has represented many families in pursuit of answers regarding the possible wrongful death of a loved one. Many times, these deaths could have been prevented. We have the knowledge, training and experience to begin the investigation to obtain these answers.  

It is important to contact Sullivan Trial Lawyers as soon as possible to prevent valuable evidence such as surveillance video or eye-witness statements from being destroyed or lost.  

Serious injuries such as death require that representation from an attorney that has the knowledge, experience and resources to handle the investigation. Sullivan Trial Lawyers can help you find the answers and justice you deserve for the death of a loved one.

If you have lost a loved one from what you believe was caused by the neglect or negligence of another, please contact our Board-Certified Personal Injury Lawyer, Roger Sullivan for a free consultation.