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Daycare Negligence

As a growing number of families consist of both parents having to hold full-time jobs or carreers, the need has risen for daycare facilities to take care of young children. Parents spend millions of dollars each month for daycare of their most cherished creation(s), their children. Unfortunately, children are at a higher risk of injury due to their own simple curious nature and lack of knowledge and experience. Daycare professionals must protect your children from injury while in their care.

Injuries to your child can occur through:

  • Negligent training of Daycare teachers
  • Negligent hiring or inadequate background checks of Daycare employees
  • Unsafe playground areas
  • Negligent supervision of children and/or Daycare employees

Daycare negligence can result in more than just physical injuries to your child. Your child could sustain psychological injuries requiring extensive treatment over the course of many years. Thus, it is important to get your child the necessary help to fully understand the extent of your child's injuries.

Sullivan Trial Lawyers can help your child get the help he or she needs to fully recover. As parents ourselves, we take these matters seriously and will fight vigorously to help your child recover for his or her injuries both in the past and future.

Contact our Board-Certified Personal Injury Lawyer, Roger Sullivan to discuss your child's day care injury today for a free consultation.