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Boating Accidents

Unfortunately, most boat owners are not properly trained in boat operation, including personal watercraft such as jet skis. Lakes and other bodies of water are not like highways where more lanes are added to accomodate growing traffic concerns. In fact, the bodies of water are limited in space, but the number of boats allowed at these locations are not limited. As lakes become more and more crowded with boaters, the likelihood of boating accidents increases dramatically.  

Due to lack of safety devices such as seat belts and airbags, the chances of serious injury resulting from a boating accident are significant. Nearly half of all boating accidents in Texas are alcohol-related. The potential for injury caused by boating accidents is not just limited to those inside the boat, but those being pulled or towed for recreational activities such as wakeboarding or tubing.  

Apart from alcohol-related boating accidents, other factors that can cause these incidents include distracted boating, speeding, and driver inexperience.  

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