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18-Wheeler Accidents

Due to the sheer size of 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles, there is a substantial likelihood of injury resulting from a collision. Injuries from 18-wheeler accidents and other commercial vehicle crashes can last months or even years. Injuries can be significant, both physically and economically causing the victims to lose income and even jobs on top of mounting medical bills. The effect of such damages can have serious consequences on the victims concerning ability to pay mortgage or rent or even put food on the table for the victim's family.

Sullivan Trial Lawyers understand the devastating impact that such accidents can cause to a victim. We understand that physical injuries are only a part of the damages caused to our clients.  

As our population grows, the demand for goods increases. Thus, we will see more and more 18-Wheelers and large commercial vehicles operating on our roadways. It is inevitable that the increase in 18-wheelers and large commercial vehicles will also lead to increased 18-wheeler accidents and commercial vehicle collisions.

Federal and State Law prescribes many regulations for 18-wheelers and large commercial vehicles. A surprising number of these vehicles are not in compliance with such regulations. This non-compliance often results in collisions. Some examples of causes of 18-wheeler collisions are:

  • Driver fatigue due to driving for longer periods of time than allowed
  • Driving under influence of drugs like amphetamines allowing driver to stay awake for longer periods of time
  • Overloading resulting in longer braking distances
  • Inadequate warning signals such as flares and reflective triangles
  • Wide turns
  • Improper training
  • Negligent hiring
  • Failure to properly maintain the 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle

The accountability for these collisions does not fall on the driver alone, but also the company who employs the driver. They have every bit the responsibility as the driver to ensure the safety of others.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a collision with an 18-Wheeler or Commercial Vehicle, contact our Board-Certified Personal Injury Lawyer, Roger Sullivan for a free case review.